Monday, October 27, 2008

#4: Toasty

I am honored to hand out another "Under the Knife" Award to my girl Toasty over at My Inner Teen. She is up for surgery at the end of November, so let's send lots of love and healing vibes her way.


Toasty said...

Thanks NATUI! I will write about surgery #2 (the upcoming one) after it's over, of course. My endometriosis surgery was ten years ago April, and my memory is fuzzy. Just remember my grandfather dying that night and going to the funeral (across the country) holding my middle so my stitches wouldn't pop out. I will definitely not be able to travel after this surgery, although, in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have travelled then either.

Toasty said...

Just had the surgery this morning! Recuperating nicely(?) I think, so far.
my throat hurts a little from the intubation, pain meds for the surgery are starting to kick in.

ErnestKohn said...